Adiya Inc. can help you transform your ideas into products, services, engagements and partnerships. We meet your needs with onsite, onshore, offshore and hybrid models with wide range of capabilities in Information Technology domain.

Adiya Inc. provides the following services in Technology:

  • Provide Consulting, Training, Research, and referrals to industry experts.
  • Provide strategic technology consulting to build road map and specific steps to guide you through implementation
  • Provide Management consulting and advice on the optimal business structure for your IT organization.
  • Review and make recommendations about business, strategic and marketing plans.
  • Review and provide advice on software contracts and research agreements.
  • Identify appropriate partnerships with private, local and international software development organizations to ensure your businesses have access to a full array of IT services.
  • Provide advice about developing processes and design strategies for commercializing technologies.
  • Locate resources to consult, advise, analyze or test ideas.

Adiya Inc. seeks out individuals with Technical knowledge when hiring new staff and supports continuing education for existing staff in technology-related concepts to ensure the program can provide needs of its clients. Adiya Inc. recognizes that companies implementing technology or working in a technology-based industry face a unique set of challenges, from obtaining capital necessary to fuel growth, to attracting and retaining skilled employees, to identifying new markets. Adiya Inc. has a network of partner centers across the globe staffed with business professionals with the knowledge to address these issues.

On-demand Services

To meet your immediate requirements, just call us when in need - we'll send an experienced, certified, technology consultant your way quickly as possible.  We can assist with most needs via remote support.   

Technology Expertise

We have built substantial knowledge, expertise and efficiency in many of the cutting edge, mature and bleeding edge technologies. Some of the Technologies that you can trust us with include the following. We provide consultancy services, turn-key project delivery services and human resourcing services in all these Technologies

  • Cloud Capabalites - SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, IDaaS 
  • Cloud Providers - Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud
  • Middleware - SAP Netweaver, Servicemix, Mule, Oracle Fusion Middleware, IBM Websphere, JBoss
  • Cloud computing, Virtualization, NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • Security - SSO, AD, Okta, Ping Identity, OpenAD, OpenLDAP, LDAP, OpenID, OAuth, SAML, Siteminder (ca products)
  • Java, .NET, LAMP, HTML5
  • Enterprise Architecture, Solutions Architecture, Application and Portfolio Architecture
  • Web Services, SOAP/REST, WSDL, WADL, XML
  • Terracotta, Oracle Coherence, Oracle DB, MS SQL

Monthly service agreements

If you're looking for technology support at a fixed cost, our service agreements provide you the ability to budget and forecast your software maintenance costs and provide a substantial value with our trusted partner program.  Our business customers that partner with us with preferred agreement automatically receive priority service when requesting service.  

Plan Hours Type* Service level Other benefits
Business day M-F 8-5** R As quickly as possible Your IT staff can access our documentation
Comprehensive M-F 8-9** R + O Remote diagnosis within 2 hours; on-site arrival within 4 hours Your IT staff can access our documentation
24×7 24×7x365 R + O As quickly as possible Your IT staff can access our documentation
Enhanced 24×7 24×7x365 R + O Remote diagnosis within 2 hours; on-site arrival within 4 hours Your IT staff can access our documentation
Mission critical 24×7 24×7x365 R + O Guaranteed hardware resolution within 6 hours SLA with monitoring
Proactive24 x 7 24×7x365 R + O Software: 2-hour response; hardware: 4-hour on-site response

*R = Remote, O = Onsite

** excluding holidays